Ficcer Woes

I have a new fic.

It was supposed to be a 15k story. It grew into 30k+. Couldn't help it - it's a commission, and the request was simply too complex to close it in a 15k story, and I wanted it to be the best I could make it. So I wrote and wrote and wrote, and then ran it by two friends, edited it, ran it by one of those friends again, edited it some more, and then, after sitting on it a while and editing it a final time, I sent it to the commissioner. She had some betaing to offer me, so I ended up editing the story again, until, finally, I deemed it presentable (or as presentable as I could possibly make it).

You may guess that by that time I was nearly jumping out of my skin to have this oversized thing see the light of day.

So I went on AO3 this morning to share it there, only to find out that last night's downtime doesn't seem to be fixed for me at all and I still can't access the archive on either of the computers available to me.

I'm beginning to think that this is some sort of conspiracy and someone out there really doesn't want me to publish the fic.


Right then.

Gave the place a general revamp. New theme, new settings, new profile page, new links, a few new userpics. Feels a bit less dead now.

*whistles into the void*

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Not dead yet

Wow, okay, I haven't posted or even lurked on LJ in forever. Kinda afraid to even look at my flist page because of the massive backlog (and for fear that most of the comms will be dead). Tumblr seems enough of a blogging platform right now, being the obnoxious time-thief that it is, but I found I do miss LJ with its... milder attitude, so I may end up refreshing this little space of mine over time.

In the meantime, I have been pretty busy writing for the ATLA fandom, as my AO3 page can attest. I have all but abandoned FF.net as a ficcing platform and have yet to announce that I will no longer be updating "Substitute" there - or, indeed, posting any of my new works there, erotic or not - because I do prefer to have all my works in one place and it's a bit of a hassle to cross-post every time I have something new to show off. Anyway, the new works are mostly Jeeko, but there's also new Zukaang, a few gen drabbles, updates to "Li" and three ficlets for the Marvel fandom. I'm currently working on two fic commissions (a gen "Thor" one about brodinson feels and a jeeko one) and am on the verge of posting a new Zukka fic, so... Yup, that's what I've been up to, fandom-wise.

Wonder if there's anyone still reading. Huh. It feels a bit like coming back to a ghost town to the whistle of wind and tumbleweed blown every which way. 

Fic: "Substitute" chapter 11

The Jeeko ship has seen a lot of excitement over Christmas. Apart from our very fun AU round robin fic which continues to be very fun, we decided to host a very informal secret santa fest (claimed two prompts because clearly I don't have enough stuff to write as it is) and people decided to give us Christmas specials in the form of fic and art. Inspired by all this I decided that I could just as well add to the pile, so here it is.

Title: "Substitute" chapter 11: Baby Steps
Word Count: between 6-7k
Rating: R
Warnings: Language (I know, I know, still nothing serious to warn about....)
Characters/Pairings: Lt. Jee/Zuko. Also Zuko/heavy music
Summary: A 38-year-old former Navy officer currently trying to make a life as a gym teacher in a small community. A 17-year-old boy with severe Issues. One big mess.
In this chapter: Notes are exchanged, introspections are made and Jee learns never to piss off the waiter
Author's Notes: Not my best chapter, I admit. The title is actually very meta-appropriate in that the chapter was born in teeny tiny baby steps indeed. It's more like a patchwork of necessary fillers, a transition stage. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.



Fic: "In the Present"

And to think that Zukoda never even featured on my list of Zuko Pairings To Write Fic For...

Title: In the Present
Word Count: over 10k (I kid you not)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic depictions of sexuality, language, underage, potentially troubling infidelity and daddy issues
Characters/Pairings: Zuko/Hakoda, mentioned past Mai/Zuko and Lt. Jee/Zuko
Status: Oneshot
Summary: Zuko fully expected a confrontation with Sokka's proud father after their escape from the Boiling Rock. What he didn't expect was what it would lead to.
Author's Notes: Initially intended as a gift which then turned into a birthday gift when it took me longer and longer to actually finish this monster. I should probably be nominated for the The Longest It Took Anyone To Write A Sex Scene award. And I'm not completely happy with the finished product, either, but I fogured I probably never will, so...

Funnily enough, this fic confirms my apparent dedication to write fic for the most neglected and obscure A:TLA pairings that only a handful of people will actually want to read. Coming up with stories that combine the least popular fanfic themes - it's a gift.


Fic update: "Substitute" chapter 10 + more Jeeko

Oh hai, lj, you still there?

To those of you who follow the latest Jeeko bonanzas over at Princebender this post sadly contains nothing new, but I must admit I've fallen shamefully behind with updating this journal, due to both my natural laziness and to the work overload coutesy of my Uni, so here's my attempt to make up for it.

First of all, there's a (relatively) new Jeeko oneshot set in canon circumstances (meaning the bonny "ship on a ship" that everyone knows and loves) written for a prompt on Princebender. 

Title: "Showing Off"
Word Count: 2, 682
Rating: NC-17 to be on the safe side
Warnings: Language, sexual themes, underage
Characters/Pairings: Lt. Jee/Zuko
Summary: "He knew he was doomed now; that he would be haunted by this memory every single time he saw a pair of dao blades."
Author's Notes: This was for the person who wanted Zuko doing something sexy for Jee. Whether this fic fits the criteria or not is up to you to decide (the idea appeared in a glimpse before, in "The One Surreal Night of Captain Jee", and I thought it would be fun to explore it in detail).


And now for the main part of our programme:

Title: "Substitute" chapter 10: "Games"
Word Count: around 7k
Rating: R
Warnings: language, vaguely suggested sexual themes
Characters/Pairings: Lt. Jee/Zuko, a pair of OCs
SummaryA 38-year-old former Navy officer currently trying to make a life as a gym teacher in a small community. A 17-year-old boy with severe Issues. One big mess.
In this chapter: There's more alcohol, Jee hates on baseball and Zuko appears wearing nothing but a towel.
Author's Notes: ... sorry it took so long. 



To those of you who care about my personal life (or is it presumptuous to assume there is anyone like that out here?), so sorry for neglecting this space! At the end of the day I barely have the energy to write (or even read!) any fiction, much less rant about my problems in written form. I dearly hope this situation will change soon when I finally get to manage my time in a more efficient manner, but for now... *SIGH*

Also, if this post is vaguely relevant to your interest because of slash and A:TLA and Jeeko, be sure to check out Princebender's latest frenzy - the magnificent whumping AU, as of yet untitled, written as a joint effort in the form of a round robin. IT'S GLORIOUS. And whumpy. And slashy. And delicious. And all sorts of awesome, so please do yourselves a favour and have a read. 

Fic: "Something New"

So I should have posted this one ages ago, but I'm a lazy, lazy person. Anyway, here's my huge Summer Jetko Exchange fic written for moonyazu9. Never thought writing a Jetko piece would be this hard, especially given that it's one of my favourite
Zuko pairings O_o 

Check out the other Exchange fics, people, the turn-up was wonderful and there's lots of delicious goodies just waiting to be

Rating: NC-17 to be on the safe side
Warnings: Underage
Summary: For the prompt: "(For this one, Jet and Zuko are in an established relationship; Jet didn't see Iroh heat his tea and therefore has no reason to suspect Iroh and Zuko of being Firebenders.) After a long day at the tea shop, all Zuko wants to do is relax. Jet obliges. A nice meal, hot bath, and massage (with sexytimes after that if you want) ensue."
Notes: I chose this one because I was in desperate need to write happy cuddles and sexytimes, but all of your prompts were great and it was really tough to settle on just one. This isn't *exactly* as in the description because random plot and angst ganged up on me; I couldn't fit a bath in there either (though not for lack of trying). But I hope you like it anyway. HUGE thanks to jin_fenghuang for her help with brainstorming and the beta!

"Something New" 

(I will get around to posting this on FF.net and AO3 soon... ish)


Fic: "Substitute" Chapter 9

Back from Greece now and absolutely no suntan to show for it. Damn my easily-burnt skin. In other news, life is being crazy now with the summer break over and sister back from her practice, so I won't have nearly as much time for writing. This saddens me. 


Title: "Substitute" Chapter 9: Of Kids and Police Chiefs
Word Count: 9, 225
Warnings: Potty mouths
Characters/Pairings: Lt. Jee/Zuko, a host of others
SummaryA 38-year-old former Navy officer currently trying to make a life as a gym teacher in a small community. A 17-year-old boy with severe Issues. One big mess.
In this chapter: Jee is impressed, Zuko is angry and a certain police chief has a request.
Author's Notes: Yay private lessons! Also, this chapter probably establishes once and for all that I fail at snark. *sigh*